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What You Should Do After A Floatation Therapy Session

What You Should Do After A Floatation Therapy Session

There is no better way to experience deep relaxation than with floatation therapy. This is an incredibly luxurious way to rid oneself of all the stress we experience in our daily routines. Floating in water that is skin temperature and filled with 1000 pounds of Epsom salts provides for a complete mental and physical detoxification like no other therapy. You’ll have the opportunity to experience deep relaxation in your very own private space (floatation pod) that provides for the ultimate escape. Whether this is the first time for you or perhaps you have visited a float spa many times, there is something you need to consider when your float session is done. At the end of your float, you will feel as if you are waking up from a deep, restful nap. You’ll have a sense of well being and under control.

However, the last thing you want to do is get back into your car and speed away to get back to work. Doing so cuts your relaxation therapy short and prevents you from getting the most out of your session. So, don’t rush off to what ever is next on your agenda but rather take your time and ease back into reality again slowly. Listed below are some simple things that you can do after your float that will help you ease back into your routine. Most float spas have a post-float area for all the enjoy so take advantage of this resource.

How To Ease Back Into Reality After A Floatation Session

  • Continue Meditating – Take your time after leaving your therapy to reflect back on what you were thinking and allow yourself to gradually return to your normal waking self. This allows for a transition between a sleep state in gamma/theta waves back to beta waves where you are fully functional and can perform various tasks. Just sit, relax and mentally rehash your experience. If you have a journal with you, you might consider writing down your experience so you can reflect in detail at a later time. We quite often forget parts of our experiences so writing them down ensures that you have them for all of time. This is also a good way to keep a record of your progress in floatation therapy. This can help you project what you want to do in future sessions. This makes the most out of each of your sessions.

  • Enjoy a Beverage – Many float spas offer herbal teas and/or smoothies of some type. What better way to get back your physical and mental self than sipping a warm cup of herbal tea that is full of powerful antioxidants or perhaps a high protein or fruit/veggie smoothie. If the spa doesn’t have your favorite, then simply bring your own. Consider green, white or red teas and simply sit back and relax. This relaxation time after your floatation will allow your session to last longer throughout the rest of your day. Some individuals find that taking an additional 15 minutes to half an hour of relaxation after a float works wonders and makes for a smooth transition. If others are in the after-float area, you might want to quietly exchange experiences with them to broaden horizons. You might be able to pick up some different meditation techniques.

  • Try Some Yoga – Since you are deeply relaxed at the moment (body and mind), this would be a good time to try out some Yoga if you’re familiar with it. Best not to do anything too vigorous but a gentle form of stretching is perfect. If you’re not familiar with Yoga, just do some simple back and leg stretches slowly. Again, this will extend your floatation therapy into the rest of the day and perhaps into the next day. The more you float, the longer the health benefits last.

  • Walking – Walking is another way to gradually reconnect with reality again. As a post-float exercise, this can be done outside where you will be exposed to sights and sounds. These typical external inputs that you were deprived of before, will bring you back to beta waves were you become fully functional again and ready to perform various tasks that you do in working mode. This can be done after light stretching exercise inside (or this can be done outside). Just make sure that your walking is done slowly and allows your muscles to re-acclimate. Hopefully, there is a lake or nature trail close to the float spa that you can use. Experiencing nature should help to keep anxiety at bay and continue your positive mood. If a park or nature trail is not available, just continue to do slow muscle stretches in the after-float room.

So, it is important to gradually reconnect with reality after a float session. This not only makes the transition gentle but also allows the health benefits from floatation therapy to last longer. You can make use of the after-float lounge to continue meditating, sip on a beverage such as hot herbal tea or smoothie, perform some slow stretch exercises and/or take a walk. It’s a good idea to allow 15 minutes to half an hour extra for a post-float adjustment.

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